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Mobile apps for students,
control panel for the university,
opportunities for companies.
Mobile Apps for students
An online schedule, news and events you can respond to or sign up for, discounts and promotions from university partners, a list with useful contacts, and much more in one button on your mobile phone.
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A platform for university staff
Update the database, create and edit the schedule, notify students about any events, collect list of participants for any events, get their reaction to any university news and all this in a few clicks..
Opportunities for companies
New clients, quality employees and engaged respondents for your company. We help businesses communicate effectively with students.
Every university has several thousand students. The main their problem is access to information - unadapted sites and overloaded content in social networks.
Every day university staff communicate with hundreds of students - answering the same questions, informing them of events, collecting feedback - и all in manual mode (no mass/selective notification and feedback collection systems).
There are a large number of partner companies around each university, that want to communicate with students (offer services, invite them to work, turn them into their own ambassadors). But it is very difficult for them because of bureaucratic barriers.

We developed free mobile apps for students a range of useful tools.

We added a control panel for university staff, allowing communication in one-click with thousands of students.

We integrated digital tools for organizations, that allow access to student audiences - employment, activists, and the electorate.

3 x

More student engagement
up to 10 hours

Save time for he university staff on routine tasks
for 50%

Removing bureaucratic barriers between universities and commercial organizations
No need to involve your system administrators or IT department, we will do everything ourselves.
It takes from 48 hours to 14 days to launch mobile apps and the entire platform.

Universities and colleges can get the platform for free, as part of grant support.
We have already launched platform in more than 20 educational institutions, and these are examples of platforms that we have already implemented
Physical Science Department of Moscow State University. On the first day, the app entered the top 100 apps on the App Store (#91).
Tver State Technical University. On the first day, the app entered the top 100 apps on the App Store (#85).
We can help you become more efficient
We take care of everything: application development and uploading, technical support.
Mobile apps for Ios and Android
Yes, we develop apps for 2 operating systems at once, increasing our audience of students. The apps are uploaded from our company account, so you don't have to spend time and money to register and maintain them. And yes, they are free to download.
100% design of the educational institution
We create apps completely in your brand style. This not only increases the loyalty of existing students, but also creates an image of a modern and technologically up-to-date company for future applicants.
Clear and user-friendly interface
We have developed an user-friendly interface of the platform that is intuitive and easy to get used to in a short time, regardless of age. Access is possible from: computer/tablet/mobile device.
Independent work
No programming skills required. You can change most of the content of mobile apps online without having to contact development specialists: student profile fields, schedule, partners section.
Additional income
Our platform contains integrated tools that you can offer to your commercial partners for a fee. Partners will get effective solutions for their tasks, and you will get additional income.
Additional tools and functions
We are always ready to discuss your personal request and prepare a personal solution for it.
Providing data protection and security
Data security is our top priority. All information we receive is transmitted via secure communication channels with a high level of encryption. Protection of personal data is ensured in accordance with the legislation of the country of University.

Our data centers are located in the country of University and meet the most stringent international standards for reliability and fault tolerance.

Feedback from our people
We are ready to answer all your questions. Leave a request or contact us via the widget on the website, using messenger.
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